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#460 When you get the wombo combo down



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"Don’t speak her name!” || Fire Emblem Awakening OST

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Traditional fantasy-based MMO classes redesigned for a post-apocalyptic setting.

Individual posts with design notes and weapon details:

01 priests || 02 knights|| 03 hunters
04 merchants || 05 bards || 06 rogues
07 monks || 08 paladins || 09 mages

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These two, and many more are slated for me to make this month for no reason other than.. it’s October! Ghost pokemon! Pumpkin Pokemon! Bats!!! I love bats, a lot, and I am always on the hunt for buying cute little bat things during Halloween…. I had some left over fabric from past projects that I made up these two!

I totally have a noivern on my XY team named Noire (a gift from a friend, and I am totally creative with names lol) who is my beast, and my second encounter in a friend’s safari got me my shiny woobat (now swoobat), Pumpkin! I spoil them so much in Poke’mon Aumie !

I am available to take commissions if you have your own spooky (or maybe not so spooky!)  pokemon you want plushified!  

Shiny Swoobat is for sale!

Noibat is for sale!

Please feel free to message me with any interest or questions! Thanks!

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☆ Trick or Treat ★

A fun collaboration I did with @BHTshiikun \(≧∀≦)ノ

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That time of the year

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"Puh-lease… As if I’ll ride in your—"

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